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Strategies for effective cost-cutting through boosters and enhancements

January 25, 2024
Author: Constantin Chrocziel, Dr. Michael Hofmann

Relocating business and/or production operations from a foreign country back to the company’s home country

June 22, 2023
Author: Thomas DeGregoris

Data transparency as a driver of innovation in local public transport

April 15, 2023
Author: Mark Braun, Dr. Valentin Tenorth

Adding value along the supply chain

April 2, 2023
Author: Dr. Michael Hofmann, Constantin Chrocziel, Chris Schultheiß

Corporate strategy validation

#The core element for profitability and future viability
December 11, 2022
Author: Chris Schultheiß

RCEP – Seize Your Opportunity

November 24, 2022
Author: Carsten Bauer, Christoph Stürmer, Mark Braun

How EU legislation on sustainability reporting supports corporate strategy and success

#The end of the Green Guessing Game
September 30, 2022
Author: Leonis Petschmann, Sophie-Marie Arendt

Subsidy programs – The money is lying on the street

#subsidy programs
August 17, 2022
Author: Dennis Grünewald

Business intelligence, or – how to make your most valuable resource, data, count

#Business Intelligence
July 22, 2022
Author: Dr. Valentin Tenorth

Asset protection through intelligent corporate succession solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises

#Company succession
April 25, 2022
Author: Stefan Söhn