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Finance Transformation



The management of a family-owned group asked us to advice in the transformation of the corporate finance function. Management’s goal was to create a state-of-the-art corporate finance function as
  1. a catalyst for growth,
  2. change agent, and
  3. role model for the whole group.


Analyzing information flows and organizational weaknesses in the first phase of the project was an important foundation for providing the ideal approach to the current structural challenges in the organization. Inefficiencies and manual extra work will be avoided, automation dramatically increased and the foundation is lead for a finance function of the future.


The overarching goal of the finance function is to provide the information needed by the management to steer the company. Therefore, we applied our three dimensions approach consisting of the three key dimensions of information: information types, information capabilities and information tasks.
First, we identified the information packages, which are the “output” or the “product” of the finance function differentiated by the dimension of information types. We analyzed the coherence between information packages as well as inefficiencies in their cross-departmental creation and processing. We were able to determine which information packages will be needed in the future and how they will be generated and processed automatically. Next, we analyzed the employees’ information tasks and information capabilities by conducting workshops and interviews. Based on this evaluation we allocated the employees to finance future roles necessary to reach the primarily determined project goal.
We were also able to analyze several organizational weak spots, such as inefficiencies in processes and collaboration with other departments, inadequate implementation of new programs, and a lack of transparency. Based on our analyses and in consideration of all weaknesses, we developed a new organizational structure, which, due to its architecture and the creation of new roles is prepared for the (digital) future.


Next step will be to prepare the launch of the new organizational units. This includes the explanation of the new roles and new processes to employees as well as supporting the implementation of the new structure.